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30 Scalp and Neck Massage

A 30 minute massage taken from the Indian head massage.  There are 7 Benefits of Indian Head Massage.  They are - Aids in the relief of migraines - Promotes Hair Growth. - Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage. - Relieves insomnia and fatigue. -Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression. - Renews energy levels. - Boost memory capabilities.

30 Minute Back Massage

A 30 minute back massage is a massage that focuses on your lower and upper back, including the shoulders and neck.  

30 Minute Hand and Foot Massage

Scientific evidence has shown that a regular hand massage may help ease pain, increase hand strength, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Hand massage can complement treatments for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, and other conditions.

The foot massage will help to relax the whole body, helping you to sleep better, and leaving you with a rejuvenated energy to bring to your day.

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